In the halls of the ‘Palazzo di Marcabruno,’ a permanent exhibition is set up illustrating the Battle of Calliano through reconstructions, videos, and models.
On August 10, 1487, the plain below the castle was the scene of a clash between Tyrolean and Venetian troops, advancing towards Trento in an attempt to expand their hegemony over the territory. The Republic of Venice suffered an unexpected, yet sensational defeat, and the renowned condottiero Roberto da Sanseverino lost his life in battle.
A copy of his tombstone, depicting him with the inverted banner of San Marco, is on display. The series of painted coats of arms recalls the Tyrolean nobles who fought in the battle, the first to see the formidable Landsknechts engage against Italian troops.

Inspired by these events, the exhibition aims to present weapons and combat techniques from the period between the 15th and 17th centuries, using original objects as well as faithful replicas that can be worn and handled.

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