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Drawings and Prints

The graphic collection documents the artistic culture of Trentino in the modern era and consists of approximately 3,500 pieces. Alongside prints and drawings related to places, characters, and events in Trentino, there are works by local artists or those active in the region, as well as collections of important European engravers donated to the museum by private collectors.

Among these, the Lazzari Turco Menz collection stands out, comprising about a thousand sheets in total. It spans a very broad chronological range, from the late 15th century to the mid-19th century, including works from the Italian, French, Flemish-Dutch, German, Spanish, and English schools. The collection features artists such as Sadeler, Cort, Bloemaert, Bolswert, Vorsterman, and Pontius. The collection pays particular attention to Italian masters, such as Antonio da Trento, a true protagonist in the history of Mannerist engraving, and authors from the Emilian region. On the Venetian side, noteworthy are the woodcuts by Niccolò Boldrini. The Flemish and Dutch sector is extensively documented, featuring Rembrandt’s engravings alongside a wide selection of works translated from the works of Rubens. The French masters are also well represented, including Callot, Mellan, Nanteuil, Audran, and Drevet.

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The online catalog allows you to explore a continuously expanding selection of works that make up the museum's heritage. The cataloging of collections, carried out by art historians, archaeologists, and experts in various fields, is still ongoing.

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